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  • Sometimes plans change; travel insurance is always recommended for overseas travel.
  • We highly suggest flying into Liberia versus San Jose on an early morning flight. Travel to Jungle’s Edge involves not just the flight but also a  vehicle transit to the resort. Vehicle travel from San Jose to the resort is double the length in time and can be more costly than transit from Liberia.
  • Schedule a bit longer of layover stateside to allow yourself plenty of time to navigate through the airport to catch your international flight.
  • Please send us your itinerary so that we can arrange shuttle pick up. Most of us are arriving at 12 noon and I f we all shuttle together we can save a lot of money. Email the itinerary to
  • Arrival Time: December 11th is a travel and check in date. Most retreaters will try to arrive between 12noon and 2pm on that day in order to share shuttles to the retreat center. The shuttle ride is a little over 2 hours.Airport Shuttles are NOT included in these prices. Below are the prices for such transfers.
  • Prices are one way:
    Liberia: 1-4 people $150 || 5 or more people $40 per person’
  • We can help organize your shuttle with other retreaters if you arrive around the same time on the same date.Travel with duplicate copies of your passport, driver’s license and other personal documents just in case.
  •  We suggest that you bring eco-friendly sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Summer weight clothing is suggested along with a long sleeve shirt for the cooler evening and mornings. Bring extra workout clothes! We will be sweating a lot.
  • Recommended Training Equipment;
    • 16 oz boxing gloves
    • shin guards
    • mouth piece
    • personal protection (cup, chest protection)
    • MMA gloves
  • Complimentary wireless service is available throughout the facility.
  • The First Day: One the first day, meals will be included but there will be no training. This is to allow you to settle in and enjoy the retreat center before training commences the next morning.