Muay Thai University


Master Buck Grant prides himself in producing the most elite coaches, teachers, and instructors. As a trainer of Muay Thai and MMA Champions Ajarn Buck is now ready to share his teaching secrets!

The Muay Thai University is dedicated to passing on the national sport of Thailand to the rest of the world. Our mission is simple and impactful:

To grow, cultivate, and carry on the time honored art of Muay Thai by producing the highest level of instructors in the world.

The Muay Thai University Overview

There are layers to all things. Teaching is no different. Our mission at the MTU is to train world-class instructors. Like any university degree, your path towards Kru-ship at the MTU is marked with short-term goals, objectives, and ranks. Outlined below is a general Overview of how one would progress within the MTU towards Kru-ship.



MTU Rank Hours Credits
Apprentice Candidate 10 1
Apprentice Level 1 30 3
Apprentice Level 2 50 5
Coach Level 1 100 10
Coach Level 2 200 20
Coach Level 3 300 30
Kru Candidate 400 40
Kru (Teacher) 500 50


*Must have a minimum of 4 years of Muay Thai experience to achieve this rank. Please contact Ajarn Buck Grant for more information on this course at

Note: Ajarn Buck Grant subjects all Ranks to a test out. The credits are a minimum requirement to qualify for testing.



Kru (Kru Muay) is the title of a teaher in Muay Thai. Did you know that only an Ajarn, or Master in Muay Thai, can promote someone to Kru? Ajarn Buck is one of a handful of Ajarn’s in the United States. Promoted by Grand Master Toddy, and christened by the Thailand Government, Ajarn Buck is sworn to continue the legacy of Muay Thai through his teachings and can OFFICIALLY promote you to Kru.




Ajarn Buck emphasizes teaching Kru Candidates HOW TO TEACH. Teaching is an art form as well as a science. It is a different skill set than being a student or becoming a fighter. Effective communication through, speech and movement can make a novice student into an advanced one and a normal fighter into a CHAMPION in no time!

His course covers the step-by-step approach to teaching:

  • Kids
  • Students
  • Fighters
  • Private Lessons
  • Group Classes

Note: Must have a minimum of 6 months of training in Muay Thai to enter the University



6540844_origTeaching, when boiled down to it’s essence, is leadership, and we are passionate about building leaders! Are courses systematically prepare you for leading, motivating and inspiring others to achieve great things through the art of Muay Thai.

In addition our course reconnects personal development back into martial arts training. In a modern day world, where martial arts have become a “sport,” Ajarn Buck utilizes Muay Thai as a path towards understanding ourselves in a deeper manner.”Only through understanding ourselves, can we lead others,” is a core value of Ajarn Buck and The Muay Thai University.


Should a Kru who has has held his title for a decade, have the same title as one who just got promoted yesterday? One of Ajarn Buck’s concerns in the Muay Thai community, is the lack of ranking for instructors. He has formulated a ranking criteria that will allow YOU as an instructor to not only continue to RANK, but also continue to PROGRESS as an instructor.





If you are ready to reach your potential and become the best instructor you can be, ENROLL NOW!!!. Begin your quest in becoming the best Muay Thai Instructor you can be.

We look forward to helping you become a leader of the Muay Thai community.


How Does It Work?

The Muay Thai University is a unique education experience that combines traditional, face to face tutelage and mentoring with modern age technology to provide a LIFE CHANGING experience for everyone!

1. Module Training (Instructor Weekends)-

It is Ajarn Buck’s mission to develop a relationship with all of his Kru’s and Kru Candidates. Therefore, the MTU is centered around Instructor Weekends (called Modules.) These modules will cover a quarter of the year’s curriculum and are designed to give the candidate an intensive training experience, as well as teaching curriculum that they can implement right away when the y return to their perspective gyms, academies, or dojos. Candidates will train DIRECTLY with Ajarn Buck and his highly qualified staff to insure top quality training on how to become an ELITE instructor of Muay Thai

Candidates will also have the opportunity to network, bond, and train with our amazingly diverse family of Muay Thai practitioners. Being a part of the MTU is more than mere training. You are now a part of a world-wide community. Instructor weekends give you the opportunity to be a part of our amazing team.

Quarterly training occurs at Muay Thai University Head Quarters, (coming soon) in Virginia Beach VA, and at Ajarn Buck’s growing team of Affiliate facilities.


Students of the MTU are free to go to any of the Module training sessions throughout the year. The modules are numbered, (1-12) and graduation from the course is achieved when all modules are completed. Therefore, students have flexibility in their training cycles. Be on the lookout for our schedule and find the module that you need for your personal curriculum and attend that module.

2. On-line Library-

Train with Ajarn Buck from the comfort of your own home or gym! The MTU offers ON-line training through an extensive Library that Ajarn Buck has created for your convenience and education. In between training Modules, MTU Candidates will have access to Ajarn Buck’s On-line library. On a secure, password protected site, Candidates are given access to training videos, articles, motivational messages, business tips and more!

3. Quarterly Personal Consultation-

Each candidate will have personal access to Ajarn Buck himself quarterly through 4, 1 hour consultations per year. During these sessions, Ajarn Buck will discuss your training needs, go over your course material, and address any issues you may have in regards to your career as martial artist. Consultations can be scheduled either personally at MTU HQ or done via phone or video chat.

4. Monthly Teacher Newsletters and Conference Calls-

Instructors will receive a FREE subscription to Ajarn Buck Grant’s Instructor News Letter and monthly Dream Catchers Conference Call. Both are here to serve your motivational and inspirational needs, as well as provide you with up to date news, curriculum change, and teaching tips.

Become a part of the first TRUE Muay Thai University that I dedicated to your personal and professional growth as a Muay Thai Kru. There are COURSES in Muay Thai, and then there is THE MUAY THAI UNIVERSITY! We look forward to helping you achieve greatness through Muay Thai Kru-ship.


1099931This 4 day course is designed to give serious practitioners a comprehensive and all-inclusive experience that will allow experienced martial artists to dive deep into their Muay Thai. This course is also great for anyone looking to hit the “reset” button of life and find more meaning and value in their world. In addition to learning the time honored art of Muay Thai, candidates will be taught the art of teaching through Ajarn Buck’s system that integrates mind body and spirit into one complete lifestyle. Qualified participants will also be promoted to the rank of Kru Candidate end of the course and are eligible to become a full Kru, or Teacher at the end of a 6 month assessment and probation period.

Price: $3000/$1500 depending on payment plan
To apply and/or discuss finance option contact us HERE