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Ajarn Buck met Jessica Burton-Carter by almost sheer fate. After spending 3 year reflecting upon his fight career while writing his first book “Over the Top Rope: Life Lessons From the Ring” he felt a sense of longing for something. Competing in the ring or cage was a transformational experience for him in a physical, mental and spiritual sense. After retiring from the sports of MMA, Grappling and Muay Thai, there was a void in his life that needed to be filled. That is when he became aware of Obstacle Course Racing. That is also when he met Jessica.
Jessica, who had been competing in Spartan Races for over a year, sought out Ajarn Buck’s tutelage in Muay Thai through a suggestion from a common friend Matt Shannon. Matt, an avid martial artist and Crossfit coach/competitor had trained with Ajarn Buck years ago in the martial arts and worked alongside Jessica at a Crossfit gym. Looking to make a transition into the world of Muay Thai after her race season, she sought out Ajarn Buck. They met, trained together, and realized that their philosophies behind cultivation of the mind, body and spirit through physical challenges were similar. Soon a student/teacher/friend bond began to emerge as Ajarn Buck found the spark he sought after. He embraced the role of an athlete again by signing up for his first Spartan Race, enlisting Jessica as his trainer, while helping her with her Muay Thai goals.
After competing in his first Spartan Race, nearly 8 weeks after meeting and training with Jessica, something else clicked within him. He realized that Spartan Racing and Combat Sports were, at their core, filling a void in our society. In a world where ease is favored over hard work, determination and grit, we have lost site of what makes us a great as a species. Getting back to our primal roots of running, climbing, carrying, throwing and yes fighting connects us to our true selves. It is in this moment of clarity that The American Muay Thai Warrior Camp was born.