About Ajarn Buck

About Ajarn Buck

7430340Buck Grant’s mission statement is simple yet encompasses his beliefs in the boundlessness of the human spirit. His dedication to martial arts and fitness has earned him the title of Master Level martial artist and fitness coach. Buck has mentored students, teachers and athletes worldwide, and enjoys inspiring others by sharing his vast experiences. His passions include traveling, writing, blogging, and above all, teaching. Through the ebbs and flows of his career his has remained steadfast, exemplifying grit, determination, and passion can surpass even the greatest of expectations.

As a non-athletic and shy kid with a passion for the legendary Bruce Lee, Buck took his first karate class at the age of 18. Though he learned the values of culture, respect, and discipline in Karate, his thirst for Jeet Kune Do (JKD,) Bruce Lee’s philosophy of combat, remained unquenched. Two years later he found a teacher of JKD, a former Navy Seal by the name of Frank Cucci, who taught unarmed combat to our nation’s finest soldiers. It is under “Mr. C’s” tutelage that Buck began his journey into the world of combat sports, and fell in love with Muay Thai.

Bullied as a child, Buck immediately gravitated towards Muay Thai’s realistic approach to combat. Watching “real fighting” in a ring solidified his belief in the sport, and he became a student of the art. After only a year of training, he competed in his very first Muay Thai match, defeating the 1997 Philadelphia state champion. He dedicated the next 5 years to being a Nak Muay (a fighter), and along the way cross training in many other martial arts disciplines. Fighting helped him conquer his fears and he vowed to teach others how to face their own through the discipline of martial arts training.

After retiring from the ring as a fighter, Buck committed himself to the realm of coaching. His first fighter, Shawn Yarborough, went on to become the WBC Muay Thai champion and trainer to UFC legends such as: Forrest Griffin, Frank Mir and Joseph Bienevidez. Soon after meeting Shawn, Ajarn Buck became UFC light heavyweight Brandon “The Truth” Vera’s first Muay Thai coach. Under Ajarn’s coaching, within a few months he became a U.S. champion. Ajarn Buck has coached Antwain “The Juggernaut” Britt from The Ultimate Fighter 8 (a Strikeforce veteran), and over 30 champions worldwide in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Grappling and MMA.

In 2010, Buck spent 3 months in Thailand where he was awarded the title of Ajarn, or Master in Muay Thai under the graces of his mentor Grand Master Toddy and the Thai government. While there, he also served as a coach and advisor on the reality show “Master Toddy’s Tuff Girls Adventures” where he helped train 3 female Australian fighters, Sarah George, Kathryn March, and Sandra Ferner to defeat 3 Thai born warriors and become world champions.

IBook-pile2n 2007, after nearly a decade of coaching and mentoring, Buck decided to come out of retirement for one last time as an MMA fighter. Once again facing his fears, he chose to put his well-rounded skills to the test as a professional fighter. Proving never too late, he defeated Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Marcio Silva for the UCF Welterweight title in 2007 and then stopping undefeated MMA champion Taylor Dixon in 2008. Ajarn Buck officially retired, but later returned as a referee and judge in the ring sport that forged him by fire. He now operates at the National and International level as both an official and a coach for The WKA (World Kickboxing Association) and travels regularly for events worldwide.

In 2012, after establishing a reputation as a prominent fighter and coach, Ajarn Buck began a spiritual journey into the world of yoga. Inspired by the Yax family, fellow martial artists and yogi practitioners he had trained, Buck became a yoga instructor under the Yax Yoga Concepts. His goal was to reconnect physical practice with personal development; something he believes is missing in modern day martial arts.

He has now dedicated himself to teaching self-realization through mastery of the body. His light-hearted, inspirational approach to cultivating the mind, body and spirit through physical discipline has earned him the audience of inspired men, women and children throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. He continues his life-long mission to positively influence as many lives as possible through his teachings. He is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of practitioners and leaders through his Muay Thai University, leadership-building business Dream Catchers Unlimited, and The House of Muay Thai, the HOME for authentic Muay Thai in Norfolk Virginia.