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Master Buck Grant prides himself in producing the most elite coaches, teachers, and instructors. As a trainer of Muay Thai and MMA Champions Ajarn Buck is now ready to share his teaching secrets!

The Muay Thai University is dedicated to passing on the national sport of Thailand to the rest of the world. Our mission is simple and powerful:

To grow, cultivate, and carry on the time honored art of Muay Thai by producing the highest level of instructors in the world.

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Ajarn Buck Grant’s Muay Thai Strategic 20 Episodes


Muay Thai Strategic
ALL 20 EPISODES $29.95

Ajarn Buck Grant has trained over 30 World Champions in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Grappling and MMA. An accomplished ring sport combatant himself, Buck Grant has since dedicated his life to impart his wealth of knowledge to both practitioners and instructors of Muay Thai.

Whether you are a professional fighter, instructor or simply a loving practitioner of the art of 8 limbs, Buck Grant’s Muay Thai Strategic video series will aid in the development of your technical skills but more importantly, in the tactical and strategic application of them inside and outside of the ring.

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Check out Ajarn Buck’s Podcast The Fight Focus Podcast, as he interviews fighters, mentors, spiritual leaders and entrepreneurs and more on what it means to have a warrior spirit in the modern day world.


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