Cracks in the Lion: How I Live with My Scars by Buck Grant

Idea for my next tattoo.

The idea comes from the Japanese art of #kintsukuroi which is “to repair with gold.” In this art, pottery that has been cracked or broken is repaired with gold or silver lacquer. At the core of this practice is the understanding that we can be made beautiful for having being broken.
I have always resonated with lions as being strong and in command of their domain. But the lions I have always resonated the most with have been the ones with scars. They have been through hell and back and yet still remain alive.
My own life echoes in this lion story. Perhaps that has been the real issue. I have identified with my scars. I’ve etched them into my identity and that etching has been of service to me. It has also kept me back from thriving at times. This is the nature of most of our stories that we tell about ourselves. Paradoxically they both serve and doom us.
My body has suffered many of injuries in the last year; hell, in the last lifetime. What if those injuries HAVE served me well? What if the cracks within my skin, bones, psyche and soul could be filled with gold. What if they indeed make me who I am?
I ponder these questions as I and my partner Angela Meyer await possible knee surgeries (both injured by training Bjj ironically.) I will continue to play with these concepts till they, like the scars within me are etched into my being.
If you are in pain, if you are hurting from your scars, I feel you. I am with you. I understand that trauma of any sort is hard to bear, and that some of us carry heavier burdens than others. By no means do I undermine the difficulty of anyones path. In the end, WE have to decide how to live with the damage we have incurred.  
We are all flawed, perfect pieces of art roaring into the cosmos, hoping to be whole again. But maybe, just, maybe we can patch fragmented beings back together. Perhaps the gold that represents the scars within reflects the light that we truly are; a light that can never be broken and always remain beautiful.


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P.S Thank you Daniel Chacon for inspiring this post. Love you brother. ❤️