Be Passionate…About the Whole DAMN THING


​If you are going to pursue something that is worthwhile, you have to fall in love with it. Not just the idea of it. Not just the end result of it. You have to be passionate about he whole damn thing.

The problem is simple: We are dreamers. New years resolutions represent the dream of a new beginning. We see ourselves with more money, a perfect body and the partner of our dreams. We think the dream is the end result, when in truth; the dream starts far before that.

The dream starts on the first 1-mile jog where you quit half a block into it. It starts with the failed promotion of your brand new product that no one wants to buy or the rejection of the first woman (or man) that you ask on a date.  It includes doubt and fear. It includes rejection, ridicule and falling on your face over and over again.

What also comes with all of that is getting back up again. The dream continues far after your first, second or even third defeat. The heart of your dream you see, is your ability to persevere in the face of adversity because, rest assured, all successful people fail. What makes them successful is their ability to rise again and again while keeping on their relentless quest to walk forward in the direction of what they truly want.

When I fought, I would jog almost daily. Roadwork, as it is called in the fight world is the foundation of most fighters regime, but not necessarily just for conditioning. I would use my jogging time to train my mind for the upcoming fight. While my breath was labored from the fatigue of pounding the pavement, I would visualize my fight. I saw myself stepping into the ring with my opponent. I pictured the perfect fight where the stars aligned and everything went my way. I also pictured things going horrifically wrong. I pictured every scenario imaginable as my physiology synched up with my psychology, breathing life into my vision with every thought and every step on my run to success. In the end, I would always picture myself with my hand raised, no matter how good or bad my imagination made the fight. I would sprint at the end of my jog and physically raise my head and hands to the sky in triumph as the image of beating my opponent perfectly coupled my full on effort ant the end of my roadwork.

My point is this: In order to be successful in anything that you do you have to be passionate about the process. You have to mentally practice how difficult it may be to obtain what you want daily so much that the struggle is second nature and worth it. You have to love how much it will hurt as much as you love the result because your passion includes the beginning, the end and the unforeseen future after your achievement.

So when you dream about your goals, do yourself a service. Do not cheat your passion by merely thinking about the end result. Dream about all of it. Be passionate about the whole damn thing, and let that passion carry you towards what you want.