Muay Thai Clinch Workshop at Shogun Martial Arts June 13th in Rochester New York


The Muay Thai Clinch (also known as the “Plumm”) is a vital tool in a Muay Thai practitioner’s arsenal. Used effectively, it can nullify the kickboxing range and bring into play some the elbow and knee strike, two of the most revered weapons in Muay Thai.
Ajarn Buck trained in a very clinch dominant camp in the beginning of his career, winning most of his fights by utilizing close quarters combat to defeat his opponents. Now he seeks to share his knowledge with his affiliates at Shogun Martial Arts in Rochester New York.
Topics Covered:

  • Entry to the clinch from punching and kicking range 
  • 3 types of clinch (neck, bicep, body) 
  • Arm trapping to set up the Elbow and knee strike 
  •  Sweeps and throws Muay Thai style! 
  • And much MORE!

Where: Shogun Martial Arts
2231 Empire Blvd Webster NY 14505
When: June 13th
9am-1pm kids and Adults
Cost: $75
Phone: 585-216-7883