Muay Thai Seminar at SPARTA In INDIANA


Ajarn Buck Grant will is coming to Indiana! He will be teaching a Muay Thai Seminar at SPARTA Indy along with tow of his Krus Jamie Bradley and Drew Hess. Click HERE to enroll.

He will also be giving a lecture on principles from his upcoming book “Over the Top Rope: Life Lessons From The Ring” on Friday March 6th from 6-7pm. This is FREE and open to the public. Ajarn Buck will be doing a book signing as well at the event.

When: Saturday March 7th 10-4pm

            Sunday March 8th 10-4pm

Where: SPARTA Indy
              10080 E. 121st Street
               Suite 157
               Fishers, IN 46037        

Price: $75 for one  training day
           $125 for both training days 
           FREE lecture and book signing

Contact for enrollment: Kru Jamie Bradley-      

Subjects Covered:

·      Boxing For Muay Thai- There are tiny, yet vital differences between boxing for Muay Thai and the sport of boxing itself. Learn how to utilize hand combinations to counter and set up kick, knees, and elbows like a professional fighter.

·      Fakes, Feints and Footwork-Footwork Transition Drills (1-3) will teach practitioners of all types how to masterfully transition from boxing to kicking, and from kicking to boxing seamlessly.

·      The Muay Thai Clinch– Ajarn Buck’s roots stem from a camp that specialized in the Prumm, or Muay Thai Clinch. He will demonstrate the keys to obtaining leverage, escaping positions, and the delivery of knee and elbow strikes effectively.

·      Fight Strategy-and Tactics- learn how to out-smart your opponent by applying strategies and tactics to beat your opponents best weapons.

·      Q and A: There will be a question and answer period at the end of the course for any problems that students need trouble shooting on. Topics will include, but are not limited to: Fighting, Fitness, Life-Coaching, Mental Preparedness, and more.