Bringing honor back to martial arts


I do not watch MMA as much anymore, and after the reports from last nights UFC, I remember why I do not watch it as much. I also remember why my focus has shifted to certifying instructors and leading leaders.

When a heavyweight contender dances over the body of his fallen opponent, when a middle-weight cannot perform due to the thoughts inside his own mind, and when a light-heavyweight who has been suspended for drug abuse twice in addition to currently being charged with aggravated assault with a firearm is allowed to come back to competing in the most elite organization in the world, their is clearly a problem occurring.

I love combat sports. As a retired fighter, it will always have a place in my heart. But the world does not need more fight coaches and fighters. The world needs leaders and martial artists. We need people to teach these young men and women how to be good people and to have self worth outside of their fight records and titles. We need true roll models, and we create them through coaching, mentoring and leadership.

Buck Grants Muay Thai University is on a mission to bring honor back to the martial arts. We are a university that emphasizes leadership development through the art of Muay Thai. We believe that who you become as a result of your fight is far more important than the fight itself. This view point is not shared by all of us in the fight world, and that is ok. We aren’t out to change the world. We are committed to changing those who desire positive change in their life both in and out of the ring.