Muay Thai Immersion Course August 22-24


Immersive Training is a great way to deepen your understanding of any skill, trade or passion. Join Ajarn Buck in a power packed weekend that will give you an all-encompassing experience of Ajarn Buck’s Muay Thai and the Muay Thai University.

Where: The House of Muay Thai International

              Norfolk VA, 23517
When: August 22-24
Time: Friday      6-8pm Dreamcatchers: Life skills workshop/ Open House for the MTU

           Saturday 10-noon     Sparring Course 
                            noon-1pm  lunch break
                            2-4pm         Muay Thai University Candidate Training: Leadership Course

           Sunday 10-1pm          Muay Thai University Candidate Training: Teaching Fundamentals  
                          1-2pm           Lunch   
                          2-4pm           Teaching Test Out: (Volunteers welcomed to participate)   
Cost: $300 for all 3 Days ($100 for Kru Rank and above.)
$75 Sparring Course Saturday July 26th from 10-noon (must have proper sparring gear to attend. Please contact Kru Jake Chamberlain to order your equipment package.)
$50 Dream Catcher’s Life Skills Workshop

Day 1: Dreamcatchers: Life Skills workshop (6-8pm)

Muay Thai is a way of life. Through training of the body, a practitioner has the ability to look into one self and gain self knowledge or introspection. The life skills required to live a happy and meaningful life are ingrained within the teachings of Muay Thai. Often, however, they remain hidden to the practitioner because these lessons are not purposefully passed on by modern day teachers.
Ajarn Buck believes that Muay Thai is one of many paths to seeking one’s own personal truth. Through his Dreamcatchers Life Skills workshop, you will learn valuable skills that can transform the quality of your life almost instantly. 
This workshop is open to the public. No martial arts experience is necessary. 

Day 2: Sparring Course 10am-noon
Sparring is a training tool that, when used correctly, is the ultimate test of a martial artists skill outside of live combat. Done correctly, it can enhance skill, be fun, and teach effective, real life application to fighters and students alike.

Ajarn Buck has taught many pro and amateur fighters such as former UFC Veteran Brandon “The Truth” VeraWBC Muay Thai Champion Shawn Yarborough, WKA World Champion Chase “The Weapon” Walden how to become champions while preserving their bodies for the ring, where it really counts! 

Learn Ajarn Buck’s top sparring “Drills for Skills” in his Sparring Course on July 26th! Students of The House of Muay Thai who complete this course are eligible for Ajarn Buck Grant’s Advanced Class.

 Day 3: Teaching Fundamental Workshop
The MTU is dedicated to the art of teaching. On Day 3, Ajarn Buck will unveil  essential skills for teaching at a mastery level. These  techniques will sharpen your  skills in a way that will improve  your teaching prowess and your ability to communicate with anyone more effectively.

Don’t miss out on this amazing weekend with Ajarn Buck, The House of Muay Thai, and the Muay Thai University!
To inquire about the course or to enroll, enter your information HERE.